How to configure SSO with One Login

Single sign-on (SSO) is an authentication process that allows a user to access multiple applications with one set of login credentials. SSO is a common procedure in enterprises, where a client accesses multiple resources connected to a local area network (LAN).

AlphaLearn supports SSO. To provide single sign-on services for your domain, AlphaLearn acts as a service provider (SP) through the SAML (Secure Assertion Markup Language) standard.

To get started, you need an OneLogin account to handle the sign-in process and provide your users credentials to AlphaLearn. Here are the steps to integrate with OneLogin SSO:

  1. Login to your OneLogin account and click Administration. Then click Applications -> Applications and click the Add App button in the top right corner.

  2. Search the term SAML Custom Connector (Advanced) and click on SAML Custom Connector (Advanced) to add it.

  3. In the Display Name, enter AlphaLearn LMS and click Save. Optionally, you can also add the AlphaLearn LMS Logo and Icon.

  4. Click SSO in the left menu and under X.509 Certificate – Click Change – select Low Strength Certificate, and click Continue.

  5. Click Parameters in the left menu and click the + icon and add the following:
    1. In Field name enter the text: email then check Include in SAML assertion and click Save. In Value select Email and click Save.
    2. Repeat step i. above with text: fname and Value: First Name
    3. Repeat step i. above with text: lname and Value: Last Name
    4. Note: Above text email, lname and fname must be entered in small caps.

  6. As Admin, login to AlphaLearn LMS then click Customize and click on SSO. Select Identity Provider as OneLogin and click Submit.

  7. Then click on OneLogin and enter the following details (these details can be obtained from OneLogin -> Application -> AlphaLearn LMS -> SSO):
    1. In EntityID add Issuer URL
    2. In Single SignOn Service add SAML 2.0 Endpoint (HTTP)
    3. In Single Logout Service add SLO Endpoint (HTTP)
    4. In Signing Cert add details visible in X.509 Certificate -> View Details. Copy the text from the field X.509 Certificate then click Update.
    5. Now you need to note details in Config Details which have to be copied to OneLogin.

  8. Login to OneLogin click Administration -> Application -> AlphaLearn LMS -> Configuration and enter the following details:
    1. Audience (EntityID) copy the data from Config Details -> Audience
    2. Recipient copy the data from Config Details -> Recipient
    3. ACS (Consumer) URL Validator copy the data from Config Details -> ACS (Consumer) URL
    4. ACS (Consumer) URL copy the data from Config Details -> ACS (Consumer) URL
    5. Single Logout URL copy the data from Config Details -> Single Logout URL
    6. Login URL copy the data from Config Details -> Login URL
    7. Select Both from the dropdown for the SAML signature element field.
    8. Leave rest of the details blank and click Save


  1. If a user is not registered on AlphaLearn LMS and accesses the LMS via SSO then he/she will automatically get registered to AlphaLearn LMS.
  2. Please ensure AlphaLearn LMS application access is given to users in OneLogin.