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Switching to an LMS for Corporate Training: All you need to know

As more and more organizations experiment with technology aided education, looking for new ways of enhancing the traditional ways of teaching, the need of flexible tools able to support well planned learning scenarios emerges. E-learning methods and tools can indeed help in efficiently supporting the learners and in improving the quality of learning.

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Corporate Training 101: Why do companies need e-Learning software?

Training & Learning is a continuous process in the corporate world. While exploring effective ways of learning, one has to consider an e-Learning Platform as the way for new-age learners. Catering to growing numbers and varied learning needs, an e-learning platform or LMS Platform opens up a world of possibilities.

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Deploying a Cloud-Based Learning Management System (LMS Platform): All you need to know

Selecting a Learning Management System (LMS Software) that offers the features you need at a price your organization can afford is of utmost importance. However, due to the wide range of Cloud LMS options, selecting the right one can be a big challenge. If you’re on the lookout for an LMS platform, you may want to consider AlphaLearn, one of the best Cloud-Based Learning Management System (LMS) for Corporate Training in India.

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Features of a Learning Management System (LMS)

A Learning Management System is a web-based platform for delivering, tracking and managing online training. The main features of a Learning Management System include course management, learners enrollment, activity reporting, messaging, conducting assessments, certification etc. Here is an exploration of the role of Learning Management Systems (LMS) and how a Learning Management System benefits any organization….

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Benefits of Using a Learning Management System or LMS

If you are new to the realm of eLearning or are making the switch to online training, then you’ve probably heard about Learning Management Systems. This is primarily due to the fact that LMS Software is one of the essential tools of e-Learning, upon which all online courses and training modules are built. There are several advantages of using a Learning Management System….

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E Learning 101: Choosing a Learning Management System

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A Learning Management System (LMS) broadly is the platform that handles all aspects of the learning and training process. A learning management system not only manages content but also handles registering for courses, course administration, skill analysis, tracking and reporting

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