Terms of Service

These Terms of Service (Terms) define obligations of Horizzon Information Technologies Private Limited as a Service Provider and your obligations as a Customer.


1. Website & Service

Horizzon Information Technologies Private Limited provides a learning management system via the website at www.alphalearn.com and subdomains of (Website), which enables you to create and manage online courses (Service).

2. Binding

These terms are binding on any use of the services and website by you and apply to you from the time that we provide you with access to the services commencing with the free trial. Our website privacy policy also applies to you.

3. License

If you follow these terms, then we grant you a non-exclusive, non-transferable license to access and use the service via the website according to the specifications of the subscription plan you have paid for.

4. Change in Terms

We can change these terms of service at any time by giving 15 days notice of the change via our website.

5. Username/Password Security

You need to ensure that your username and password are confidential. In case you feel that your password has been compromised, you need to contact us immediately on helpdesk@horizzon.com

6. Support

If you have any technical difficulties with the service, you should make all reasonable efforts to investigate and diagnose problems before contacting us on helpdesk@horizzon.com

7. Indemnity

We let you use the website and service to provide online courses (courses) to others including your employees, students or otherwise (trainees). You must make sure that all trainees that access the courses are given, comply with, and accept terms between you and the trainees that incorporate these terms that apply to you. You acknowledge that you are solely responsible for your trainees’ actions while using the website and services and agree to indemnify and defend us from any claims, demands or lawsuits of any kind arising from your trainees’ breach any of these terms.

8. Intellectual Property of your Courses

It’s up to you what data and content you upload into the website/service for your courses, including without limitation, any logos, images, documents, videos, information, look and feel of the website, and any other intellectual property (data), provided you comply with these terms. You acknowledge that we have no responsibility to any person other than you, including without limitation to your trainees, and nothing in these terms confers a benefit on any person other than you. Any transactions or terms in relation to your courses are strictly between you and the trainees.

9. Charges

You agree that you will pay all charges to your account for the length of your subscription and/or use of website/service. You can’t withhold payment or claim any set-off without getting our written agreement. If your number of trainees using our services, or website provided to you increases over what is stated in your plan, we will bill you for that additional usage, and you agree that you will pay for that additional usage. If at any time you do not make a payment to us when you are supposed to, we can choose to suspend or terminate your use of the service.

10. Transfer of Rights

You can’t assign or transfer any rights you have under these terms to any other person without getting our written agreement.

11. Email/SMS Communication via our website/service

When you make any communication using our Website/Service via Email/SMS, you represent that you are permitted to make such communication. We are under no obligation to ensure that the communications sent by you via Email/SMS is legitimate or that the communication is related only to the use of the services. You agree to indemnify and defend us from any claims, demands or lawsuits of any kind arising from your communications with your Trainees/Recipients.

12. Disclaimer


13. Availability

We will try to give you access to our website all the time but we do not make any promises or provide you with a warranty that our website or the services will be without any faults or interruptions; be secure or private or that it won’t have any viruses or other similar issues. Whilst we intend that the services should be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, it is possible that on occasions the website or services may be unavailable to permit maintenance or other development activity to take place. If for any reason we have to interrupt the services for longer periods than we would normally expect, we will use reasonable endeavours to publish in advance details of such activity on the website.

14. Responsibility

It is your sole responsibility to determine that the services meet the needs of your business or otherwise and are suitable for the purposes for which they are used. We also aren’t legally responsible for any corruption or loss of data or other content which you or anyone else may experience after using our website, or any problems you may have when you view or navigate our website.

15. Intellectual Property

We own the intellectual property rights with respect to our website, the service. You can’t make derivative works of our intellectual property, without getting our express written permission. You do not have any rights to our IP except granted under these terms or any other agreement you have with us.

16. Data Availability

You must maintain copies of all data inputted into the services. We adhere to best practice policies and procedures to prevent data loss, including a daily system data back-up regime, but do not make any guarantees that there will be no loss of data. It is also up to you to remove all data prior to you terminating these terms with us.

17. Your Data

Your data is yours and is confidential until such time as it becomes public (through no fault of ours). We will not use it, disclose it or even look at it unless we have to for security or operational purposes (e.g. if it seems to be causing technical problems), or it breaches these terms or if we are required by law to do so (for example where we are legally required to disclose it). We might however collect and keep information about you that you have given us or that we have gained from another source. You agree that we can use your information for dealing internally with requests, complaints and other customer activities, market and product research and to be able to give you promotional material on our other services and special offers. We may also add your name and logo to marketing material (press release, advertising, etc.) so long as you are or have been a customer of ours.

18. Analytics

We will collect your user information about your visits to our website and service to measure the amount of visitors to different parts of the website/service.


AlphaLearn LMS supports SCORM Content. The SCORM content can be uploaded as a zip package. AlphaLearn does not encrypt SCORM content. However, pirating SCORM content is difficult by its nature.

20. Use of Cookies

We may use cookies to track your use of our website/service. That information will be kept by us but any information or data we hold will not be shared or sold for commercial purposes without your specific written permission.

21. Support Contact

If you have any technical difficulty with the service, you should make all reasonable efforts to investigate and diagnose the problem before contacting us via email on helpdesk@horizzon.com or via phone on +91 22 40514008. Technical support is available from 10am to 6pm.