AlphaLearn Learning Management System: Features Guide

There are many Learning Management System solutions in the market, and finding the one that is the best for your company can be an overwhelming process. If you want to select the best LMS software for your company’s training requirements, then you have to put in some research and effort. This is because you have to keep in mind elements like features, tools, whether the software fits the company’s budget, and if the training methodology will positively affect your employees’ productivity levels.

A Learning Management System is meant to make the lives of your employees and trainers easy, and this is mostly done by deploying online training resources and centralizing all the information on an international scale. Nonetheless, this requires finding a Training Management System or Learning Management software that will suit all your needs and also fall within the training budget that is set by the organization.

AlphaLearn is a Learning Management System that helps you easily create online courses and learning material and streamlines your corporate training process. It has nifty collaboration features such as Sharing Documents & Videos, Creating and Tracking Assignments, Polls, etc. Make Announcements via SMS and email, View Reports and Graphical Analysis of User Analytics, Progress, Assignment Results, Attendance, Enrollments etc. You can also customize AlphaLearn LMS with your own Logo and Corporate theme.

Listed below are some of the features that you must consider while choosing an LMS for your business:

lms brand integration

Effective Brand integration

Every element of training should reflect your brand image because this will create effective cohesion. Therefore, you will have to look for Learning Management Systems that allow the integration of logos, color schemes, and other important branding components. This will fall into the customization category, and here you have to check if they can be adjusted based on the learner’s needs if the trainer can add their watermarks and logos, and so on. All these things must be considered if they want to convey the brands' image accurately through online training materials. It also helps trainees develop trust in the brand which is essential at the early stages.

lms user interface

Easy and intuitive user interface

No matter how many features or tools you gather from your LMS software, they will all be useless if you don’t know how to use them. A Learning Management System should have an easy and intuitive user interface that will merge well with the team’s talents. For instance, you should look for dashboards that will provide you with an overview of your online training courses. This is an important LMS tool that you have to take into account when trying out a Learning Management System software for free or during the demo period.

lms support service

Support Services

A Learning Management System vendor should offer free phone support, and you should be able to reach them via email whenever you tend to encounter a problem with the LMS software; also, you will have to check if the support system is limited to just generic online FAQs. If you are unsure about the support services, then you should ask the vendor before purchasing the software about the assistance they offer. This is important because they may be helpful and quick to solve issues before purchasing the software, but what would happen once you invest in the LMS platform. So, it’s best to lay all the cards on the table, so that you don’t panic later.

lms accessibility & responsiveness

Accessibility/Responsiveness across all platforms

Your corporate learners must be able to access the online training courses through any device. They should also have a chance to download the online training resources even when they don’t have proper internet accessibility. Look for a Learning Management System that works seamlessly across platforms and is responsive.

lms course management

Course Management

Create single or multi-subject course. Create modules/chapters and add various types of content. Add a Course to the Course library for self enrollment or a request based enrollment. Target Courses listed in Course library to specific Departments or Designations. Trainees can search for courses based on tags or keywords. Enable Trainees to rate a course post completion. Allow course material to be accessed in any order or in a sequence. Setup schedule based access for Course material.

lms course material

Course Material

Create rich and engaging courses with different types of content like HTML, PDF, Videos, Documents, Presentations, Image Slides, Excel Sheets, Images, Assignments/Practice Tests (MCQ, True/False, Yes/No, Essay Type Questions), Polls, Surveys, SCORM, Links etc. Upload Videos in any major format and AlphaLearn LMS will encode it to the right format for viewing on any device. Each course material can be considered or ignored from the Course progress.

lms learning path

Learning Path

A learning path is a collection of courses that allows a learner to sequentially complete multiple courses with a single enrollment. This guides Learners seamlessly from one course to the next ensuring that each course is complete before proceeding to the next.

lms role management

Role Management

Create multiple roles that enable you to manage AlphaLearn LMS with different rights. Roles include Administrator, Manager, Moderator, Trainer and Trainee. You can assign permissions to the Manager role, allowing or restricting features as per your use case.

lms learner management

Learner Management - Individual Trainee & Batches

Manage Individual Trainees as well as Groups of Trainees with ease. Register Trainees, enroll to a Course and notify them via email with just a few clicks. Bulk import Trainees using CSV. Manage bulk enrollments via Batch. Assign Department, Designation, Zone, etc. to Trainees. Manage Employee Relationships to allow Managers to track the performance of Team members.

lms leaderboard


To encourage Trainees to take more courses, AlphaLearn LMS prvides Leaderboards. When the leaderboard is enabled for your account, Trainees can earn points and get ranked. They can also view ranking and points that all other Trainees have earned within your comapany. This helps develop a sense of healthy competition among Trainees.

alphalearn lms announcements


Keep Trainees updated by making announcements within AlphaLearn LMS. Announcements can be sent to all Trainees enrolled to a Course or all Trainees in a Batch. Announcements can also be sent via Email, SMS and Mobile Push Notifications.


SAML Single Sign on

SAML Single Sign on is available as an add-on to allow you to authenticate directly from your existing authorizing system, via Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML 2.0)

alphalearn lms security


Effective controls to ensure integrity of services and data loss prevention. SECURE SOCKET LAYER (SSL) TECHNOLOGY, to protect application information accessed through a browser using data encryption. Content is served using signed URLs and restricted using origin access identity. Content is secured using a Web Application Firewall.

lms query management

Query Management

Trainees have queries which need to be addressed. These queries can be easily managed within AlphaLearn LMS. Trainees can create queries and share them with their Trainer. Trainer can provide inputs to resolve the queries and notify the Trainees.

alphalearn lms assignment tool


Assessing Trainees is a vital aspect of quality training. AlphaLearn LMS provides a robust Assignment tool. You can create various types of assignments including MCQs, True/False, Essay type Questions, etc. Assignments can be given to Trainees Automatically on completion of certain modules or can be manually assigned. Trainees can also upload and submit project documents related to their assignments. Faculty can allocate marks to Trainees for essay type questions. Results for assignments can be displayed in Percentage, Marks or Grade.

alphalearn discussion forums


Discussion Forums are available for helping Trainees understand course content. If Trainees have any questions about the course content, they can get help from the course forums. Course forums enable Trainees to search to see whether their question has been asked before, or post their own question. Trainees can also read and reply to other people’s questions and discussions. Forum posts can be read and responded to by other Trainees or Instructors in the course.

alphalearn lms - sell your own courses

Sell Your Own Courses - eCommerce

If you would like to sell your courses, you can upload them to AlphaLearn LMS and sell them via your website. As an add-on service, we provide API’s to integrate AlphaLearn with your website, create course categories, Blogs, FAQ's, Testimonials, etc. You can also integrate payment gateway to enable payment acceptance.

alphalearn lms mobile app

Mobile Apps

Besides offering a responsive design, AlphaLearn LMS can be accessed using dedicated iOS and Android Apps. All Trainee features are supported on the mobile apps. These apps also enable Trainees to receive push notifications for Announcements and Query resolutions.

lms course management


AlphaLearn LMS can be customized as per your corporate theme or branding. Customization includes uploading your own Logo, Favicon and choosing your preferred colours. AlphaLearn LMS also allows you to customize the domain. You can use your own custom domain to access the LMS. AlphaLearn also provides customization of email address for communication with your trainees.

lms reports, analytics & analytics

Reporting, Tracking & Analytics

Access various reports to track learner progress, attendance, assignment results, course completions, issue of certificates, learner activity, enrollments, exam performance, survey results, queries, mail activity, system log, etc. Reports can be customised, saved and scheduled for automatic delivery via email.

lms exam & certification

Exams & Certifications

Conduct Online exams using AlphaLearn LMS with ease. Exam criteria like duration, score, required score, random questions, sequential questions, question sets etc can be defined. Certificate templates can be uploaded and Certificate can be issued based on predefined passing criteria.

lms webinar management


As an add on feature, AlphaLearn LMS enables Trainers to conduct Live Webinars to connect with Trainees and engage with them using audio, video, polls and other interactive content.

Looking for an LMS with all these features?

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