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Getting Started

Refer to this API documentation to integrate AlphaLearn LMS with your application.


The base URL is followed by the version number of the API, currently at version 3.


AlphaLearn API provides authorization token which can be passed in the HTTP Authorization Header using Bearer

Authorization: Bearer { Athorization Token }

Generate recaptchatoken

Use the following Google Site Key:


Refer the process mentioned here:

Generate the JWT token

Pass these credentials (i.e email, password, and domain) in JSON format to authorize/login API which will return you the JWT token and Refresh token and user basic details.


JWT token is valid for 60 mins

Refresh token is valid for 90 days

If the token expires

Use authorize/refreshtoken API using refreshToken as a POST parameter to regenerate the token.

If the refresh token has expired

Log out and call authorize/login API again.