AlphaLearn Learning Management System: Pricing Guide

When picking LMS software for business, companies tend to prioritize pricing because they want to train their employees while staying within the organization's L&D budget. Researching the right pricing plans is a tedious and time-consuming process.

We’ve created this simple pricing guide that displays the various payment models that you need to consider while making an investment in a Learning Management System.

Why choose an LMS software?

  • Do you need to provide online Training to your Employees?
  • Are your Employees spread across geographies and do you have budget constraints for onsite Training?
  • Would you like to conduct Training using Mobile Apps?
  • Does your business involve providing distinctive training programs for different departments and designations?
  • Have you evaluated your Employee’ learnings by conducting online Exams or Assessments?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then you need a learning management software to streamline your training efforts.

Pricing Models To Choose From

alphalearn as service

Yearly Subscription for AlphaLearn as a Service

Based on the “per learner - per year” subscription fee. You can pay based on the total number of registered users within the system or the number of active users who are enrolled in LMS courses. The biggest advantage of the subscription model is that you can go LIVE with your training instantly.

Enterprise On Premise

One time license fees for Enterprise On Premise

If a company wants to install and run the Learning Management System software in their own data centre or private cloud, they can purchase an enterprise license of the Learning Management System software. The company will have to pay a one-time License fee. Licensing fee pricing models work best for mid-sized to large scale companies.

Which LMS software pricing model is right for me?

AlphaLearn LMS offers the most advanced features for Online Corporate Training, Product Training, Employee Onboarding, Sales Training at the most affordable price, providing the best value on your investment.

AlphaLearn is an affordable LMS software available on the Cloud as well as an On-Premise Self Hosted LMS. There are several pricing plans available like Active Users, Active Users Plus, Enrolled Users, etc. Would you like to know more about our pricing?

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