Add and Manage Branches

To Add New Branch:

  • Login as the Administrator and click on Settings in the navigation bar, then click Branch.
  • A list of existing Branches will be displayed.
  • Click on the + Branch button and enter a Branch Name and click Submit.
  • To view the list of Sub Branches under a Branch, click on the Sub Branch count next to the Branch.
  • To Add a Sub Branch, click on the + Sub Branch button, enter a Sub Branch Name and click Submit.
  • Once you have added a Branch or a Sub Branch, you can select it to Courses, Learning Paths, Learning Objects, Users, etc.
  • Branches can be Disabled but cannot be Deleted.
  • To change the status of a Branch from Active to Disabled, click on the Branch and click Edit button and change the status from Active to Disabled.
  • Ensure that the Branch is not in use.

Note: Branches feature enables an organisation to independently manage the training for different Branches. For e.g. If a Manager belongs to a Branch A, can only view Courses that have Branch A or All selected in the Course settings. This Manager can only enroll Trainees belonging to his/her own Branch.