User Roles in AlphaLearn LMS

AlphaLearn LMS platform has 5 main roles: Administrator, Manager, Reporting, Trainer, and Trainee.

Administrator: A user with an Administrator role is created at the time of signing up for a Free Trial . The administrator has full access and permissions to the LMS settings and resources. In AlphaLearn LMS there can only be one Administrator user.

Manager: A user with a Manager role has almost all permissions and rights available to the Administrator except LMS Customization, Settings & Integrations. Permissions assigned to the Manager can be re-defined by the Administrator. For more details on setting permissions for a Manager click here.

Reporting: A user with Reporting role can view All Course reports.

Trainer: A user with a Trainer role has permission to manage courses assigned to him/her as the Trainer of the course. A Trainer can view courses, manage course material, view enrolled Trainees, participate in Forums, receive Queries and respond to them, send Announcements, evaluate Assignments, etc.

Trainee: A user with the Trainee role can view courses enrolled to, attend webinars, meetings, classroom sessions, etc.