User Roles in AlphaLearn LMS

AlphaLearn LMS platform has 5 main roles: Administrator, Manager, Reporting, Trainer, and Trainee.

Administrator: A user with an Administrator role is created at the time of signing up for a Free Trial . The administrator has full access and permissions to the LMS settings and resources. In AlphaLearn LMS there can only be one Administrator user.

Manager: A user with a Manager role has almost all permissions and rights available to the Administrator except LMS Customization, Settings & Integrations. Permissions assigned to the Manager can be re-defined by the Administrator. For more details on setting permissions for a Manager click here.

Reporting: A user with Reporting role can view All Course reports.

Trainer: A user with a Trainer role has permission to manage courses assigned to him/her as the Trainer of the course. A Trainer can view courses, manage course material, view enrolled Trainees, participate in Forums, receive Queries and respond to them, send Announcements, evaluate Assignments, etc.

Trainee: A user with the Trainee role can be enrolled to courses, learning objects, learning paths, webinars, meetings, classroom sessions, etc. Trainees can submit Assignments and give Exams. You can send announcements to Trainees. You can issue certificates to Trainees. Trainees can also create queries, forum posts, etc.