Setting Course Duration and Availability

While creating a course, you can choose the desired Course Availability and Duration.

  • Course Availability is the period for which the Course is available for Enrollments.
  • Available From: From this date onwards, Trainees can be enrolled to this course.
  • Available Till: (This is an optional field) If enabled, Trainees can be enrolled to this course Till this date, provided their Date of Enrollment + Course duration is not beyond this date. e.g. Course Duration = 30 days | Available From = 1st Jan 2021 | Available Till = 31st Dec 2021 | Last date for enrollment will be 1st Dec 2021
  • Course Duration: The length of the Course for which the Trainee is enrolled.

Once enrolled, Trainees will be able to see their course start and end dates.

  • Course Start Date: The date on which a Trainee is enrolled to the course. The enrollment will be for the Duration that is set in the course.
  • Course End Date: The date till which the course will be available to the Trainee.