Import Trainees in Bulk

To Register Multiple Trainees in bulk, you can use the Bulk Import functionality.

  • Click on Users and Import Trainees from the navigation bar.
  • Then click Browse button to select a CSV file with the list of Users.
  • Select the checkbox Send notification email to user for account creation if you would like to notify Trainees via email regarding their Registration.
  • Optionally you can choose a common password for all the Trainees being added or simply select checkbox Let user choose a password to let the Trainees select their own password.
  • Finally click Import to complete the Import process.

Additional Info: A sample CSV file can be downloaded to see the fields required to use the bulk import feature.

License: Registering Trainees via bulk import will just create their User Accounts and the status of the Trainee will be Registered hence it will not consume any License.