Integrate with GoTo Webinars

To create and manage GoToWebinar from within AlphaLean LMS, you can integrate with GoToWebinar.


If you have a GoToWebinar account and an active Webinar subscription then you can follow these steps to get your GoToWebinar API Key and Secret:


1) Login to using your GoToWebinar username & password

2) In GoToDevelopers, choose OAuth Clients from the menu. If you have not created a client yet, you see the intro graphic. Choose Create a client to continue.

3) If you have already created a client, it will be listed here. Scroll to the bottom of this listing and select Create a New Client.

4) On the Details page, enter a Client name, an optional Description, and at least one Redirect URI. (Click Add to add additional redirect URIs.) Click Next to continue.

5) On the Scopes page, select the products and functions you intend to include in your application(s).

6) For Jive, you can select the product to include all scopes, or unselect the product and choose individual scopes as needed. Click Save.

7) The client credentials are displayed. It is important to note that the client ID and client secret are required during authentication. The client secret is displayed here ONCE, only during client creation. Then it is hidden and irretrievable.


To integrate AlphaLearn with GoToWebinar, login in the LMS as Admin and click on Integrations -> Webinars -> +Webinar Integration. Then select provider as GoToWebinar and enter your GoTo API Key, Secret and Host details.


Once you have added your integration details, you can start creating and managing GoToWebinars.