Integrate with Go1

Go1 with its library of more than 75,000 courses, helps millions of people in thousands of organizations engage in learning that is relevant, effective and inspiring. AlphaLearn’s integration with Go1 gives you access to these courses directly in your account. To access Go1 Courses:

  • Login as Admin and click on Integrations => Go1 => Request Access
  • Once we have received your request, one of our elearning specialists will connect with you to understand your elearning requirement and take it forward.
  • Once your Go1 subscription is active, you can login in to the LMS as Admin and click on
    Integrations => Go1 => Connect
  • You will be able to browse through more than 75,000 courses and add the relevant course to your library.
  • Then you can simply click on My Library and click Sync Course to copy the course to your account.
  • Once you have successfully synced the course, you will be able to view the same as well as enroll your trainees to the course from Courses => View Course.

  • Note: When a synced Course is removed from Go1 My Library, it also gets removed from AlphaLearn and Trainees with active enrollments will get unenrolled from this course.