Integrate with Vimeo

AlphaLearn can integrate with Vimeo to upload videos in course content.

If you have a Vimeo account then you can get your API Key and Secret. Here are the steps:

  • 1) Login using your Vimeo Developer account username & password to
  • 2) Click Create App + button on top right
  • 3) Fill the form with required details like app name, app description etc and click "Create App" button.

Generate API Key

  • 1) Under "Authentication" section, choose 'Authenticated (you)'
  • 2) Check these boxes:
    • Private
    • Create (to create folders)
    • Edit (to be able to rename folders if needed)
    • Video Files
    • Upload (most important one, will only be available if the upload access permission is granted)
  • 3) Press "Generate"
  • 4) Take note of the generated token

To integrate AlphaLearn with Vimeo, login in the LMS as Admin and click on Integrations -> Vimeo.

Enter API Key, Secret, Token and Licensed Host.

Once you have added your integration details, you can start Adding Video Content.