Integrate with Vimeo

AlphaLearn’s integration with Vimeo allows you to directly upload your Videos to your Vimeo account from AlphaLearn LMS.


If you have an active Vimeo subscription, then follow these steps to get your Vimeo API Key and Secret:


1) Login using your Vimeo Developer account Username & Password to

2) Click Create App + button on top right

3) Fill the form with required details like app name, app description etc and click “Create App” button.


Generate API Key
1) Under Authentication section, choose Authenticated (you)
2) Check these boxes:
– Private
– Create (to create folders)
– Edit (to be able to rename folders if needed)
– Video Files
– Upload (most important one, will only be available if the upload access permission is granted)


3) Press Generate
4) Make a note of the generated token


Now to complete the integration of AlphaLearn with Vimeo, login in the LMS as Admin and click on Integrations -> Vimeo.


Enter API Key, Secret, Token and Licensed Host.


Once you have added your integration details, you can start Adding Video Content.