Adding Video Content

To add a video, click on “Courses” and “View Courses” on the navigation bar to view the list of your Courses. Then click on the relevant Course and then click on the “Chapter/Module Name” where you would like to add the video. Then click the Add Content button next to the “Chapter/Module Name” and than click on Video.
You can add the following video type:
  • Youtube Link
  • Vimeo Link
  • Upload to Vimeo
  • Upload to Alphalearn

If you want to add a link, select the video type as "Vimeo link" or "Youtube link" and fill in other details like title, description, enable/disable watermark, consider in progress, allow fast forward and click "Submit".
If you select video type as "Upload to Vimeo", you need to select a video from your computer.
If you are uploading video to alphalearn, you have set "skip video conversion" to "yes" or "no".
if can set it to "yes" only if the video is compressed and in .mp4 format