Integrate with Zoom Webinar

To create and manage Zoom Webinars from within AlphaLean LMS, you can integrate with Zoom Webinar.


Note: You need an active subscription to Zoom and specifically Zoom Webinar subscription to use this feature.


Follow these steps, to get your Zoom API Key and Secret:

1) Login using your Zoom username & password to

2) Click Develop -> Build App

3) Under JWT click Create and add your details like App Name (this could be AlphaLearn or anything you like), Company Name, Your Name and Email and click Continue.

4) Make a note of the your newly generated API Key and API Secret.

5) To integrate AlphaLearn with Zoom Webinar, login in to AlphaLeanr LMS as Admin and click on Integrations -> Webinars -> +Webinar Integration. Then select provider as Zoom Webinar and enter your Zoom API Key, Secret and Host details.

6) Once you have added your integration details, you can start creating and managing webinars.