Incentivizing Learners in 2020: How to encourage course completion

Incentivizing Learners in 2020: How to encourage course completion

While growing up, studying and exams are always a top priority. You’re being constantly trained in a number of subjects and being constantly tested. You’re told that if you need to compete in the world out there, you need to be acing your academics and your exams. However, once you step into the corporate space, it falls on you to keep yourself updated. It becomes easier to get along by doing the bare minimum. However, this can lead to your career graph stagnating and eventually can even lead to a layoff.

At such times, you can rely on corporate training to give a boost to your career graph. It’s not just about learning to obtain a training certificate or a best employee certificate, unless you’re constantly learning, there’s always the risk of your skillset becoming obsolete.

You might question why training is important for corporate employees, and why is your organization focusing on it? It’s doing it primarily to keep you at par with the ongoing industry trends. In this post, we will walk you through some vital components w.r.t corporate training and how it benefits both the employer and the employee in the long run.

Why Corporate Training is Important?

The corporate landscape is evolving rapidly. Over the past few years, employee retention is a major concern for many organizations and thus it’s important to train the employees regularly. If the employees are being constantly trained and they see the scope for growth, they will not think of quitting the firm for another job. Some of the other primary benefits that corporate training provides include:

  • Keeps your Organization in line with the Industry

    By training your employees right, you are allowing your organization to stand in line with the other conglomerates. You are keeping your workforce up-to-date with the latest industry trends and are gearing them up to be competitive no matter how the industry landscape changes.

  • Employees can Upgrade their Skillset and Expertise

    Learning in any form is always useful and the smartest employees are always learning and working on themselves. Regular corporate training allows your employees to upgrade their skill-sets and improve their knowledge graph. It also allows them to be conscious of all the latest biz news, tech trends, skills needed to stay one step ahead of their competitors. It isn’t just about racking up a certificate of training, it’s all about having the knowledge to take on any challenge that the work environment throws at you.

  • Continuous Performance Boost & Output Efficiency

    No two individuals are unique, and companies must understand this fine concept. Employers must plan out their training so that it meets up the requirements of each employee. Corporate training allows employees to make the best use of available resources. A competent individual will always focus on improving his/her performance level and output efficiency. Training also acts as a catalyst by encouraging the employees to overcome their shortcomings and work towards optimum efficiency.

Why Excitement and Curiosity to Learn is Important?

Making people/employees excited about your learning course is a daunting task for any organization. However, if the employees start showing some form of excitement towards these programs, it can benefit their ROI considerably

The question arises – why is it important for people to feel elated about your learning program. It’s primarily because of the following reasons:

  • To make the employees feel valued and know what they are being offered in terms of resources and e-learning platforms. Doing so will also make them feel that they should stick around with the same organization for a longer duration as they have more opportunities to learn and grow.
  • To make sure that employees are driving their development and growth rather than the top management pushing it as a part of their performance review.
  • A little excitement will ensure that the entire team is aware that it’s not just a single course, but a combination of different courses that will help them streamline their daily tasks. It’s important also to make them understand that their learning will stay with them forever and will help them in their future roles too.

Reasons that force Learners to Quit

Online training courses come with several benefits like flexibility and easy accessibility, pocket-friendly, training certificates post course completion, 24/7/365 learning from professional mentors, etc. Despite these benefits, many of the learners quit the course at some point. The reasons vary, but these are the most significant ones that you must know and constantly work towards addressing:

  • Skill Deficiency, and Prior Experience

    All digital courses must be bundled carefully keeping in mind the knowledge, skills, and experience of all the enrolled members. If the course isn’t defined properly or not structured well it increases the chances of drop out. The course needs to be crafted in a way that it’s user-friendly for everyone without missing out on the important details and segments.

  • Gibberish Content

    If your course content is gibberish and isn’t covering what’s important, it will lead to more drop-outs. Your course content must be specific and should align with the primary objective. A clear understanding of requirements plays a vital role and you can achieve it through proper course content development. You can either purchase off the shelf courses or go for custom course content development if you don’t have the bandwidth in house.

  • Technical Glitches are a Major Turn-off

    Before initiating the learning course, you must ensure that all the technical checks are in place and the bugs have been resolved. Anything that might sabotage the training experience should be taken care of well-in-advance. In the era, where learners have goldfish like attention spans, any technical glitch can dampen your reputation instantly. So, always have a backup plan handy to avoid dropouts and other hassles.

Incentivize Learners: Some Practical Hacks that Work

Few learners find online learning comforting due to time-flexibility, while some feel the pangs of isolation due to limited contact. Thus, it’s important to provide constant encouragement to all your learners to avoid them feeling demotivated

Some practical hacks that might help you here:

  • Make it a Mandatory Part of Your Culture

    To get the best output from your learning program, make it mandatory for all the employees and departments. It will also instill a positive work culture within your organization.

  • Personalize and Gamify Your Program

    Visual and experiential learning improves efficiency to a great extent. So, gamify your program the right way to allow your learners to have fun while capturing what’s important.

  • Provide Certificate for Training & Takeaways

    Encourage your employees by providing them a certificate for training, best employee certificate or a medal for each course they complete. Public recognition goes a long way and will boost their confidence multifold.

The Bottom Line

Corporate training is important for everyone as it helps employees climb the corporate ladder one step a time. Adopting a modern Learning Management System that structures and incentivizes your employees to learn continuously can reap rich dividends for your company. If you’re looking for an E Learning solution that can end your corporate training woes, check out Alphalearn, India’s best Learning Management platform today.

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