Create an Assessment

To create an Assessment:

  • Click Courses -> click on the relevant Course -> relevant Chapter/Module -> Add Content -> Assessment
  • Choose a Title for the Assessment
  • Choose the Type of assessment you would like to create. There are 2 types of assessments available:
    • Allow Trainees multiple attempts till the correct answer is selected. This type of assessment only accepts MCQ based questions. Trainer can add Individual Feedback for each answer option as well as a General Feedback. Individual Feedback is displayed to the Trainee after attempting a question. General Feedback is displayed to the Trainee after attempting a question correctly. When a Trainee gives the correct answer, they can click How Peers Performed to see the First response of the Peers in a graphical format.
    • When the entire assessment is attempted, Trainee can see How Peers Performed:

    • Normal assessment offer other options like, Required Percerntage to Pass, Shuffle Questions & Answer Options, Display Questions One at a time or All at once. When a Trainee attempts this type of assessment and does not get the Required Percerntage, they can click on Re-Attempt button to reset the assessment and attempt it once again. Here is a Trainee view of an Assessment: