What is a Learning Management System?

learning management system

Learning Management System (LMS) is a cloud based platform that facilitates the management, delivery and measurement of an organization’s eLearning programs.

Just as Sales teams depend on the CRM or Human Resource Management teams rely on HRIS, LMS is the core technology used by an organization’s Learning and Development (L&D) department as the primary tool to manage their training programs.

The biggest benefit of a LMS is the development of knowledge amongst learners.

LMS Saves Money

An LMS also saves money, since traditional forms of training like seminars or classroom based training directly impact the company’s bottom line.

LMS is for corporations and educational institutions

Learning Management Systems are beneficial for corporations and educational institutions alike. Companies can also deploy online training resources to external sales channels, franchisees, and even customers. It’s vital to identify your organizational and training objectives before you start the LMS selection process.

Course Available Anywhere

With an LMS, learners can access their course and course material from anywhere, at any time, at their own pace and without incurring travel expenses. Learners are able to access their course material using a laptop, desktop, tablet or a smartphone.

LMS is a Content Repository

An LMS enables organizations to centrally store and manage its training and development content. This allows easy course material management and standardization in Training. An advance Learning Management System allows storing of different types of Training material like Documents, Videos, Links, Images, SCORM content, Assignments, Polls, Surveys, HTML Pages, etc.

Enables Learner Assessment

With a Learning Management System, Trainers can create Assignments like Multiple Choice Question and Answers, True/False, Yes/No, Essay Type Questions and Learners can be assessed based on their performance. Trainers, Administrators and Managers can see the results and percentage of correctness etc.

lms platforms

Conduct Polls & Surveys using an LMS

Engaging Polls and Surveys can be developed and shared with Trainees to get an insight of their understanding and opinions. Surveys can be conducted to determine the effectiveness of the learning management system as well as the Training Program.

LMS for Online Examinations

Online Exams can be conducted to assess the Learners. These can be time bound exams wherein Learners can be asked questions from a question bank which are randomly selected. A score can be set as a minimum passing score and a result can be displayed based on the Learners performance.


A Learning Management System can provide online certification for courses based on Course Completion, Online Exams conducted or Course Progress. The issuing of Certificate can be completely automated based on the triggers set by the Administrator.


Trainers, Administrators and Managers can stay in touch with the Learners by making course related announcements. They can send Announcements from within the LMS or via email and SMS.


Are learners engaging with the online training content? Is it giving them all the information they need to achieve their learning objectives? These are questions that can be answered with a robust reporting system built into your new LMS. Learning Management Systems also feature analytics that allow administrators or managers to monitor online training on individual level. For example, determine which Learners have completed the online training course requirements, or how long they take to complete each online training activity on average and what is their progress.

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