Cloud Based LMS Vs On Premise LMS

Cloud Based LMS Vs On Premise LMS

Every organization these days is moving towards eLearning for their training and development needs. But customers are often confused about what kind of LMS they should opt for? In this blog, we’ll examine the meaning, benefits and differences between Cloud Based LMS and On Premise LMS

What is Cloud-Based LMS?

A Cloud-based Learning Management System is hosted on the cloud and users can access the LMS by logging into a web portal. A user doesn’t need to install specific hardware or software to access their Cloud based LMS. With a cloud based SaaS LMS, a user pays a subscription fee to access the software. The SaaS model allows organizations to scale their subscription level in accordance with their business requirements, and they don’t have to pay upfront for future incremental licenses.

What is On-premise LMS?

An on-premise LMS is hosted on an organization’s servers, which are usually located within their data centre. The on premise LMS is managed by the organization’s own IT staff. The USP of an on-premise LMS is that an organization retains complete control of their data and content. This is extremely important for organizations, where data protection laws and user privacy is of paramount importance.

Benefits of Cloud Based LMS

  • Lower Initial Costs

    A cloud-based LMS has lower initial costs and offers faster deployment. All an organization needs to do is sign up with the LMS provider to begin their training initiatives

  • Better Security

    A cloud-based LMS offers better encryption and SSLs to allow users to access course material in a secure environment

  • Greater accessibility

    A cloud-based LMS offers greater accessibility to both learner and administrator. A learner can learn new skills on-the-go, on any device without any limitations

  • Fast Deployment

    Since there’s no hardware or software involved, a cloud-based LMS is faster to set up and deploy. A company could just sign up and have their learners access the system immediately.

  • No Hidden Costs

    In the case of a cloud-based LMS, an organization knows exactly how much they have to pay each month. There aren’t any unexpected maintenance fees or upgrade costs involved

  • 24/7 Support

    Cloud-based LMS service providers always have IT staff on hand. This means an organization doesn’t have to worry about dealing with glitches and other operational issues.

  • Regular Updates & Upgrades

    Cloud-based LMS service providers always have IT staff on hand. This means an organization doesn’t have to worry about dealing with glitches and other operational issues.

  • Cloud Storage

    One of the biggest advantages of a cloud-based LMS is that an organization doesn’t need to store training and learning content on their computer or device. All the data is uploaded directly to the Cloud LMS.

  • Customization

    A cloud-based LMS can be customised in terms of logo and corporate theme, as per the organization’s needs.

  • Highly Scalable

    When using a cloud-based LMS, Companies don’t have to worry about scalability

What to Choose? Cloud LMS or On Premise LMS

Benefits of On Premise LMS

  • Complete Control of Data

    With an on-premise LMS an Organization has complete control of their data and content.

  • Unlimited Customization

    An On-Premise LMS gives organizations greater flexibility in regards to customization. Custom user interface and custom reports can be developed as per the organization’s business requirements.

  • Integration with Enterprise Applications

    An on-premise LMS offers greater flexibility in terms of integration with other enterprise applications like EPR, CRM, HRMS, etc.

  • Better Performance

    An on-premise LMS will usually deliver better performance compared to a basic cloud LMS. This is because it doesn’t share its server with any other entity and it’s servers are located within their enterprise network.

  • Conclusion

    As you have probably already guessed, there’s no clear winner in our Cloud LMS vs On-Premise LMS comparison. Both cloud and on-premise LMS have their pros and cons, and offer different trade-offs. It all comes down to your company’s IT skills, your training needs, and your choice of LMS software.

    Now that you know the key differences, are you ready to make your decision about which version of AlphaLearn you would be interested in purchasing?

    Keep in mind that the ideal LMS solution should be in sync with your organization’s objectives, talent, and eLearning training budget. If you want to be 100% sure about making the right choice, please get in touch with our team and ask for a demo.

    AlphaLearn LMS helps deliver a very stimulating learner experience. You can go live instantly and seamlessly regardless of what format of content you upload such as PPTX, Video, PDF, and DOCX files, SCORM packages etc.

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