Create a Classroom Session

To create a Classroom Session:

  1. Click on Classroom Sessions on the navigation bar. It will display a list of upcoming sessions.
  2. Click on + Classroom Sessions button and enter the following details:
  • Classroom Course: Name of the classroom session.
  • Code: Add code for the session.
  • Description: Add information details for the session.
  • Related to Online Courses: Select already created course to link this session. Trainees enrolled to the selected online course as well as this classroom session, will see upcoming classroom session details in My Courses.
  • Occurrence: Set frequency for the session i,e daily,weekly,monthly etc
  • Timezone: Select the required timezone.
  • Session Details:
    • Session Name
    • Start date
    • Start time
    • End time
    • Faculty Name
    • Faculty Email
    • Venue
  • Registration Type: Select whether to enroll trainee to all occurrences or each occurrence individually.
  • Enrollment Process: Select how trainee will get enrolled i.e Admin/Manager Enrolls, Self Enroll by trainee etc.
  • Certificate: Upload certificate file to be issued.
  • Send Session Reminder Emails: Select when reminder emails will be sent to the trainee.
  • Assign Coordinator: Select coordinator for the session. You can also add a new coordinator here itself by clicking on the Add Coordinator button.
  • Status: Select the status active/inactive.
  • Fill in all the above details and click the Submit button.

To Delete a Classroom Session, click Settings icon => Delete Classroom.

The Concluded tab on the top will display a list of past classroom sessions.