Create a Classroom Session

  1. Click on Classroom Sessions on the navigation bar. It will display a list of upcoming sessions.
  2. Click on + Classroom Sessions button on top of the list. It will redirect you to a create form having following fields
    1. Classroom Course: Name of the classroom session.
    2. Code: Add code for the session.
    3. Description: Add information details for the session.
    4. Related to Online Courses: Select already created course to link this session. Trainees enrolled to the selected online course as well as this classroom session, will see upcoming classroom session details in My Courses.
    5. Occurrence: Set frequency for the session i,e daily,weekly,monthly etc
    6. Timezone: Select the required timezone.
    7. Session Details:
      1. Session Name
      2. Start date
      3. Start time
      4. End time
      5. Faculty Name
      6. Faculty Email
      7. Venue 
    8. Registration Type: Select whether to enroll trainee to all occurrences or each occurrence individually.
    9. Enrollment Process: Select how trainee will get enrolled i.e Admin/Manager Enrolls, Self Enroll by trainee etc.
    10. Certificate: Upload certificate file to be issued.
    11. Send Session Reminder Emails: Select when reminder emails will be sent to the trainee.
    12. Assign Coordinator: Select coordinator for the session. You can also add a new coordinator here itself by clicking on the Add Coordinator button.
    13. Status: Select the status active/inactive.
  3. Fill in all the above details and click the Submit button.
  4. To delete the classroom session, click Settings icon => Delete Classroom.
  5. The Concluded tab on the top will display a list of past classroom sessions.