Create an Exam

  1. Click "Evaluation" on the navigation bar and select “Exams" and then click on “Add Exams".
  2. Enter the required details like Course, Exam Type, Exam Period, Exam Duration, Total No.of question, No. of attempts etc. and click “Submit”. Now, you will be able to see the newly created exam in the List.

Additional Info regarding exam settings
  1. Exam reminder emails can be sent before exam starts.
  2. Trainee can reschedule exam if he fails.
  3. Trainee can view submitted answers and see if they were correct or not.
  4. Trainee will be issued certificate on passing exam, if this setting is enabled.
  5. Trainee will be able to start his exam when Course Progress is 100%, if this setting is enabled.

Note: When you create an exam it will be in disabled state. After adding questions you can enable the exam and the exam link will be available according to the settings made."