Case Study - Retail



Market leader in the cookware and kitchen appliances industry in India over the last decade. Their range of products are available in over 10,000 retail outlets, all leading departmental stores & hypermarkets, specialty kitchenware and appliance stores and their exclusive brand outlets. Their products are also retailed through a robust and dynamic channel of over 70,000 trained women entrepreneurs.


The biggest challenge our client faced was to educate their existing employees and new recruits about it’s vast product range and their respective features. They needed an easy to use LMS platform and mobile learning app which would assess and impart the requisite product knowledge to their employees. Another problem the Learning and Development team faced was the high employee turnover rates. The team wanted an LMS platform to help with the induction and training process of the new employees in a timely manner. The L&D team needed to provide product and functional training to existing employees as well. They wanted to create a personalized approach to online learning within the organization.


In June 2019, we provided the client with AlphaLearn Cloud LMS and helped them with the onboarding process. This included converting the vast amount of Training videos/material into self-paced online courses. This provided the client with the ability to quickly and efficiently train thousands of employees keeping them abreast of the latest product offerings. Using AlphaLearn eLearning platform, our client’s L&D team could easily track and analyze their employee’s online learning journey which included course completion cycles, assessments, certifications, etc. Our client used this self-paced approach to train new and existing employees in soft skills, product, sales and marketing skills. The employees could also use the self-paced features of AlphaLearn’s LMS platform to track their course progress and complete the assigned courses in a timely and convenient manner.


With AlphaLearn LMS, our client has seen a substantial reduction in their employee training costs as compared to classroom training. By adopting AlphaLearn LMS, the training has also become far more consistent and personalized. In turn empowering employees with the necessary tools to advance their careers, ultimately reducing turnover.