Issue Certificate Automatically

  • To Issue Certificate Automatically, click on “Courses” and “Add Courses” on the Top Menu Bar.
  • Enter the required details like Title, Code, Duration, etc.
  • Download sample certificate, make required changes in the downloaded file and upload the file and click "Submit".
  • View the course Information and select "course completion criteria" according to your requirement. i.e
    • When Course Duration Ends
    • When Course Progress is 100%
    • Based on Assignment & Exam Passing Percentage
  • Check "Issue Certificate on Course Completion" in course settings
  • Click "Update".

Note: If "Issue Certificate on Course Completion" is not checked, certificate will be issued based on the setting selected in "course completion criteria".
Note: If you select "Based on Assignment & Exam Passing Percentage" as "course completion criteria", select the relevant exam or assigment from the list displayed below. Add weightage for each and over all passing percentage.