Enroll a Trainee to a Course

To Enroll a Trainee or Trainees to a Course, click on “Courses” and “View Courses” on the navigation bar and then click on the “Enroll User” in the Action tab, next to the relevant Course. First you will see the list of Trainees who are already Enrolled to that Course. Click on the Enroll New then Select the Trainee/Trainees you would like to Enroll and click "Enroll Selected Trainees" to Enroll the Trainees to the selected Course.
Additional Info: To send an email notification to the Trainees regarding Course Enrollment, click on the checkbox “Notify Trainees via Email”
License: An Enrolled Trainee will consume 1 License. If a Trainee is Enrolled to a single Course or Multiple Courses, the License consumed will be 1.
Definition/User Status:When a Trainee is Enrolled to a Single or Multiple Courses, his/her status will be "Enrolled"