Custom E-learning Solutions for Corporates

Upskill or get disrupted.

In a world where rapid disruptions are transforming industry environments daily, how do you, as a business, stay relevant and, more importantly, profitable?

The answer is simple: Continuous learning.

Data suggests that companies that spend around $1500 per employee on training achieve growth in profit margins of about 24%.

In this fast-paced market dominated by changing trends, learning is the ultimate competitive advantage that you can have as a business.

With changing market scenarios, the secret to thriving as a business and staying ahead of your competitors is leveraging the power of a continuously learning and evolving workforce.

Such a workforce is sharp, agile, and is equipped with the know-how to pivot effectively and recognise changes before disruption hits the space.

Why Alphaskill?

In today’s digitally savvy world, e-learning solutions are an effective way of imparting knowledge and expertise to help organisations to stay ahead of the crowd. Every business needs a new breed of leaders and decision-makers who can propel them on the path to success. But leaders and decision-makers don’t just exist. They need to created, trained, and groomed.

Surveys find that out of around 4,300 employees, 74% feel that they don’t achieve their full potential at work. Add to that the stat that around 1 in 3 employees leave an organisation in their first year, and voila! that doesn’t paint a happy picture for organisations. The silver lining in the cloud? Adopting e-learning solutions can improve employee retention rates to about 25-60%.

E-learning helps you maximise the ROI on your employees. Picture this. You have a set of skilled employees who drive revenue to your business. However, you don’t have a ready learning path to drive them to the path of excellence. This creates an environment of stagnation from where they will be forced to migrate, often, to a better organisation.

Online Courses - Key Features

Course Material




This is where we come in. As one of the leading e-learning solutions in India, our aim is to create a future group of change-makers who can drive a company to success. Our curated course materials whet the curious minds of corporates and instil them with the confidence and expertise to do more, fail fast, adapt and apply their learnings.

Our E-learning solutions can help you motivate your employees, optimise their learning curves, achieve better results, and improve employee retention. If you’re ready to take the next step from adopting a profit-maximising approach for your business, then our e-learning programs are a right fit for your business.

Our Offerings:

Custom E-learning Content Development

We design personalised and well-researched course content to meet your unique learning requirements. Our e-learning content can be a one-stop solution to meet your specific business objectives. Having worked extensively with diverse organisations of different sizes and from different industries, we understand the exact learning needs of your business and come up with effective strategies to bring impactful results.

Our courses incorporate the latest tools and technologies and are created to be intuitive and interactive. This helps create a positive and productive learning experience for your team members. Our custom e-learning solutions are designed keeping in mind the various language and culture differences and learning approaches and are suitable for adapting to multiple platforms and devices. From an organisational point of view, our e-learning solutions help reduce costs and added risks and improve productivity and performance.

Off the shelf courses

Our off-the-shelf courses are designed to meet the evolving training requirements of various industries. Our database of off-the-shelf courses helps reduce the need for creating your own training content, thus saving your organisation’s time and money. These courses can be readily uploaded to your Learning Management Systems (LMSs) which leads to faster implementation of training and prompt results.

Some of the features of our off-the-shelf courses are:

  • Immediate Access - Ready to use right out of the box
  • Instant Delivery - Fast and easy delivery and uploading to your LMS
  • Reduced Time and Cost - No more paying for customised courses.
  • Expert Learning - All courses are designed by knowledge experts in respective fields.

Here are the various off-the-shelf courses we offer:

  • Work-Life Balance
  • An Effective Leader’s Guide to Time Management
  • Goal Setting - Get SMARTER with Goals
  • Strategic Delegation
  • Motivating Employees
  • Managing Stress at Work
  • Decision Making
  • Interviewing Skills for Employees
  • Internet and Computer Policy
  • Employee Discipline
  • A Guide to Conflict Resolution
  • Building Leadership Capability
  • + Many more

The AlphaSkill approach

Our upskilling solutions combine a number of approaches such as blended e-learning, gamification, and video-based learning to create a fun-filled learning environment for your employees. Moreover, our self-paced learning programs ensure that each individual can have their own personalised learning graph.

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