Creating and Managing a Zoom Webinar

You can easily create a Zoom Webinar using AlphaLearn. Click on Webinars -> Zoom -> + Webinar and add the necessary details to create a webinar.

To enroll Trainees click the Settings icon next to the Webinar and click Enroll Trainees. You will be able to view the currently enrolled Trainees if any. Click + Enroll New and select the Trainees you would like to Enroll to the Webinar. Once enrolled, based on your selection the Trainees will receive an email with the details of the webinar.

At the scheduled time of the Webinar, you can click on host URL to join as the host. The host URL is available under Webinar -> Settings -> Host URL. Panelist if any, can join using the Panelist join URL.

Trainees can join the webinar by logging in to AlphaLearn LMS and clicking on My Webinars -> Webinar -> Start -> Join Webinar

While creating the webinar if you have selected to save the recording on the cloud, you can choose to allow or restrict viewing of the Recording by the Trainees from the webinar -> settings menu. This option will be available after the webinar is concluded and recording is made available by Zoom.

To create a webinar you have to first ensure that your webinar solution is integrated with AlphaLearn LMS. To know more you can look at how to Integrate Alphalearn with a Webinar Solution.