Creating and Managing Zoom Webinars

Note: Before you create a Zoom Webinar using AlphaLearn LMS, you must integrate your Zoom account with AlphaLearn. Steps to integrate your Zoom account with AlphaLearn LMS.

To Create a Zoom Webinar using AlphaLearn:

  1. Click Webinars/Meetings -> Zoom Webinars -> + Webinar and add the necessary details to create a webinar.
  2. While adding the details of your webinar, if it is related to any existing Course, you can select it from Related to Course section. Trainees enrolled to this course, will see Upcoming Webinar details in their Courses.

To Enroll Trainees to a Webinar:

  1. Once you have created a Webinar, click on Webinars/Meetings -> Zoom Webinars
  2. Click on the Gear icon next to the relevant Webinar and click Enroll Trainees. You will be able to view the currently enrolled Trainees if any.
  3. Click + Enroll New and select the Trainees you would like to Enroll to the Webinar. Once enrolled, based on your selection the Trainees will receive an email with the details of the webinar.

Join a Webinar as Host: Click on Webinars/Meetings and Zoom Webinars on the navigation bar. Now you will see the list of all Webinars. Click on the relevant Webinar and click on the Host URL to join as the host.

Join a webinar as Trainee: Trainees can join the webinar by logging in to AlphaLearn LMS and clicking on My Webinars -> Webinar -> Start -> Join Webinar

Disable Webinar: Click the Settings icon next to the Webinar and click Disable Webinar

Issue Certificate:

  • Click on the Gear icon next to the relevant Webinar and click Issue Certificate.
  • Select the trainee from the list by clicking the checkbox and clicking the Issue Certificate for Selected Users button.

Note: This feature will only be available if you have uploaded a certificate template at the time of creation of the Webinar.

Delete Webinar: Click on the Gear icon next to the relevant Webinar and click Delete Webinar.