Create a New Course

  1. Click "Courses" on the navigation bar and select “Add Course".
  2. Enter the required details like Title, Code, Duration, etc. and click “Submit”. Now, you will be able to see the newly created course in the List.
  3. Click on your newly created Course and then click "Add Chapter/Module" to add a Chapter or Module. Enter the Chapter/Module Name and click “Save”. You will see the Chapter/Module has been added.
  4. Click on the Chapter or Module you just added and click on the Add Content button to add content to the Chapter/Module.
  5. You can upload and share content in following formats: HTML, PDF, Video, DOC/DOCX, PPT/PPTX, XLS/XLSX, Image, Assignment, Practice Test, Poll, Survey, Link, etc.
  6. Once you have uploaded your content, you can Add Trainees and Enroll them to the Course you just created.