Create an Assignment

To create an Assignment, click on “Courses” and “View Courses” on the Top Menu bar to view the list of your Courses. Then click on the relevant Course and then click on the “Chapter/Module Name” where you would like to add the Assignment. Then click the Add Content button next to the “Chapter/Module Name” and than click on Assignment.

Assignment Settings:

  • Title: Name of the assignment.
  • Assignment Available For: You can set the number of days Assignment should be available.
  • Show Result in: Choose a setting to display result in form of Percentage, Marks or Grade
  • Allow Requests for Extension: Set whether trainee can request for extension or not, if due date for assignment has been expired.
  • Assignment Type: Assignments can be allocated manually to each Trainee or it can be automatically allocated based on Trainee's progress.
  • Display Correct Answer For MCQ After Attempting: You can choose to display the answers of the questions attempted to the Trainee after they have attempted the Questions.

You can add different types of Questions like Multiple Choice Question Answers (MCQ), True/False, Yes/No and Basic Question/Answer.