Create a Batch

To Create a New Batch click on “Batches” on the navigation bar and click “+ Batch” , then enter the Batch Name (mandatory) , Description (mandatory) and Course Enrollment Type fields and click “Submit”.
Additional Info:

Batch Name should be unique. A Batch does not have a Start Date or an End Date. A Batch can be enrolled to one or multiple Courses.

Course Enrollment Type: When you select Date Based and add a Course to the Batch, you can choose the Enrollment Start and End Date, so all enrollments done via this Batch will have the same Enrollment Start and End Date. When you select Duration Based and add a Course to the Batch, the Enrollment Start Date will be today’s date (OR Course Start Date mentioned in the Course settings, if it is set as a Future Date) and the End date will be determined based on the duration of the course.

Definition: A Batch is a collection of Trainees put together in a Group for ease of management.