Create a Batch

To Create a New Batch:

  1. Click Batches on the navigation bar and click + Batch
  2. Enter the Name of the Batch, Description and select the Course Enrollment Type and click Submit.

Note: Batch Name should be unique. A Batch does not have a Start Date or an End Date. A Batch can be enrolled to one or multiple Courses.

Course Enrollment Type:
Date Based: When you select Date Based and add a Course to the Batch, you can choose the Enrollment Start and End Date. All Trainees enrolled via this Batch will have the same Enrollment Start and End Date.

Duration Based: When you select Duration Based and add a Course to the Batch, the Enrollment Start Date will be today’s date OR Course Start Date mentioned in the Course settings, (if it is set as a Future Date) and the End date will be determined based on the duration of the course.

Definition: A Batch is a collection of Trainees put together in a Group for ease of management.