Browser Minimize/Tab Change Alert

You can restrict Trainees from minimizing or changing Browser tab while attempting their Exam. To enable the feature of Browser Minimize Alert:

  • Click on Evaluation on the navigation bar and then click on Exam to view the list of exams.
  • Click on the relevant exam.
  • Select Yes for the option Alert on Browser Minimize or Tab Change.
  • For the option Auto Submit Exam After, enter the no. of times you would like to trigger this alert before automatically submitting the Exam. i.e how many time a trainee is allowed to minimize or change tab.
  • Click Update to save the changes to the Exam.

Note: When this setting is enabled, everytime a Trainee minimizes or changes their browser tab, the system will display a warning pop up notification. If a Trainee minimizes or changes their browser tab more than the set count, exam will immediately end.