Assignment Result Report

  1. Click Reports => Course on the navigation bar.
  2. In the Course dropdown, select the relevant Course
  3. In the Report dropdown, select Assignment
  4. Select the Enrollment status
  5. Select the Type as Tabular OR Graphical and click Submit.
  6. This report displays the list of Assignments along with the count of Assignments Submitted and Evaluated.
  7. Click View to see Trainee wise details.
  8. To view the Answer sheet for a particular Trainee, click on the View button.
  9. Export button will export data in csv or excel file.
  10. Filter button will display a form from where you can view another type of report with respect to the same course or another course.
  11. You can also save this report, to do this just type the report name the the textbox above and click Save. You can view your saved report under Reports => Saved Reports.