Add Dashboard Banners

Banners can be added to the Admin, Manager, Trainer and Trainee Dashboards. To Add a Banner:

  • Login as an Administrator and click Customize link under Settings in the navigation bar and then click Banner.
  • Now you will be able to see the currently active Banners. Click on the + Banner button to add a new Banner.
  • Fill in the details like Caption, Banner, Position (i.e Top, Bottom), Link (to redirect the user on clicking the banner), Show to Admin/Manager (i.e if you want to display the banner in the admin/manager Sashboard), Display Permanently (i.e Yes or No. If no is selected you need to provide a duration for which the Banner has to be displayed), Status, Choose File to select a banner image, and then click Submit.

  • Note: You can only upload upto 3 banners. The recommended resolution is 1280px x 250px. The file size can be up to 2MB i.e jpg,jpeg,png,gif.