Add Dashboard Banners

Banners can be added to the Trainee as well as the Admin/Manager Dashboard.

To Add a Banner, login as an Administrator and click Customize link under "Settings" in the navigation bar and then click "Banner".

Now you will be able to see the currently active Banners. Click on the "+ Banner" button to add a new Banner.

Fill in the details like Caption, Banner, Position (i.e Top, Bottom), Link (to redirect the user on clicking the banner), Show to Admin/Manager (i.e if you want to display the banner in the admin/manager Sashboard), Display Permanently(i.e Yes or No. If no is selected you need to provide a duration for which the Banner has to be displayed), Status, Choose File to select a banner image, and then click "Submit".
Note: Only 3 banner are allowed to be uploaded.Recommended Size: 1280 x 250